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Our acronym may spell “ME” but for us, it’s all about you.  Is that cheesy? Yes, but doesn’t make it any less true.  The thing we enjoy most is working with clients to improve their situation – goals, strategy, team, bottom line, charity work, messaging, stock photography, hashtag game, etc.  It’s a tonne of fun for us when we see you get ahead, have an “aha” moment, drive towards your next big thing, or just get to relax and focus on what you’re great at while we look after the other parts.  We do everything we can to make sure you enjoy the journey too.  

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Why don't we make big promises like other Consultants?

You might have noticed that other business or marketing consultants make big promises on their websites…and that we don’t.  We don’t promise to triple your website traffic or increase your sales by 50%, and we won’t for good reason.

Sure, we could triple your website traffic, but then all those people hitting your site who don’t actually want what you offer would leave quickly, and tank your Google ranking as they do.  We would much rather strategically increase the traffic of your target audience, who then spend more time on your website, click on those call to actions and turn into real leads.

Strategy, in any area of your business, requires us to speak with you, meet your team, and learn more about you before we make any big promises!

Why should you work with us?

Well, because we get results.  We certainly don’t promise immediately, as anyone who does is unfortunately lying to you (see above question).  We do promise not to plug your company through our set program that we use for every other client. 

We have set packages, yes, but we tailor those to your needs, where your team is at, and what we can bring to your company that will give you the biggest value and ROI.  ROI is always key.

What experience do we have?

Our CEO has helped numerous companies hone their values & differentiators so they get the leads, traffic, and opportunities that are actually interested in them, instead of just increasing stats but not revenue.  She’s also helped companies hone their process’ to improve that lead to sale ratio, as well as everyone’s sanity. 

Want a specific example? One company she worked with was at 330 clients and 32 staff, and when she stepped away the company had grown to 1600 clients, 88 staff, and tripled its revenue in a 5 year period.  Was that all her? Definitely not.  Was she a key part of the team that executed the plans to accomplish & manage that growth – definitely was.

She’s also been a mentor in the Women in Leadership Mentorship Program for multiple years, and spoken at several events from Women in Business’ “Tech Day” to Women in Film’s International Film Festival, to Sage Software’s Partner Summit on topics including how to get the most out of your marketing team, the top 5 things all partners should be doing for sales, and empowering women in business.

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Our Story

How We Got Started

After working in B2B & B2C Sales and Marketing in several industries, including technology, business consulting, non-profits, hotels, and restaurants, in both Canada and Mexico, our CEO, Krista Magnusson, had gathered over 20 years of eclectic business experience.  With 13 years at an Executive level, leading teams and creating multiple brands from scratch, plus countless strategic plans, too many campaigns to count, and too many websites period – it was time to branch out.  She saw an opportunity to have an impact across multiple industries helping companies of all sizes, rather than only working with one company at a time, and so Magnusson Enterprises was created.

Magnusson Enterprises Logo

"You do not quit playing because you get old, you get old because you quit playing."

Quote from a Greeting Card framed in our CEO’s office

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Albert Einstein

"Success depends on the ability to see possibilities."

Mary Falconer, CFO & Corporate Secretary, Prospera Credit Union

what really matters

Community Work

We’ve been involved in the community either giving back or volunteering with organizations in every town, city, or country we’ve worked in.  We’ve also been heavily involved in helping companies create Corporate Social Responsibility programs and this is one of our favourite things to do.  We would be honoured to discuss this with you.


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