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Your Business

1. Business Strategy Review

Sales & Staffing Review

We’ll start by reviewing your Sales history, any statistics you have available, your key clients and why they’re your key clients.  We also go through your current Sales goals by product, and why those are your goals, discuss target industries and any current plans or tactics you’ve been working on.  Finally, we’ll review your current staff set up and key responsibilities.  Through all of this we’ll clarify your differentiating factors, see where efficiency & impact can be improved, what the ideal would be and how we can move you closer to that.

Long-Term Vision for Business

We’ll review your long-term Sales goals and the reasons you have these goals – both why you want to hit those goals in the first place and how you created the goals.  Goals should be challenging but achievable, so based on the previous discussions we’ll ensure your goals align all the way up. If you don’t have long-term goals yet, then we’ll work on those together!

We’ll also discuss your company’s brand, what it really means to you or what you would like it to mean if you’re not quite sure yet.  Finally, we’ll discuss your key values and how we can work those into the strategy & goals for the business in as many areas as possible – staffing, communication tone, visuals, goals, etc.

SWOT & Differentiators

We’ll complete a comprehensive and honest SWOT analysis of your business so that we can really see what can be leveraged in the future strategy, what can be highlighted in marketing, and what can be improved on over time.  We will also clarify your differentiators from several perspectives – current clients, partners, potential clients, and random hopeful leads.  All of this will help create more targeted goals and messaging, and ultimately results.

Final Reports

Reports will be prepared & presented summarizing all of our discussions, realizations, and decisions – with key points outlined and displayed visually.  This will serve as a great reference point for future decision making & goal setting.  Plus, these can easily be shared among staff so that everyone on your team is on the same page and you don’t have to memorize alllll the little details.

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Your business

2. Marketing Review & Annual Plan Creation

Sales & Marketing Review

We will review all past Sales & Marketing activities, whether that list is short or long, and any statistics you may have on them.  If you don’t have much, that’s ok! We’ll discuss them instead of measure them to determine what went well and what could have been better.  We’ll also discuss your team and review their responsibilitites, skills, and engagement.  

Discuss Competition

We’ll deep dive into who your competition is and why.  We’ll then explore the marketing overlap, to see where we need to be aware of competing messages, and the marketing divergence, where you can relax a bit and know you really own that space.  Finally, we’ll look at the message differentiation to see how we can make sure you, and the things you do best, stand out from all the other marketing your targets are seeing.

Wish List & Goal Setting

We’ll start with reviewing marketing you like & dislike, both in tactics and messaging – all the things you find annoying and all the things you’ve dreamed of doing.  We’ll then look at all the options available for your potential Annual Plan and answer any questions you might have on any of them.

We will also review your Sales goals and budget in detail, as well as your expectations for Marketing and the Annual Plan.

Marketing Review & Report

Outside of meetings with your team, our team will finish the review of all of your marketing activities & options.  We will also evaluate the ROI of all of the potential Plan activity options. 

We will then create a Marketing Report with a summary of your current position & statistics, as well as suggestions on quick fixes and easy improvements.  

Creation of Annual Plan

We, as in Magnusson Enterprises not “we” together, will create a 12-month marketing plan for your company with 2-3 budget levels and corresponding options.  We will also create an execution plan and Activity Calendar for your team to follow throughout the year.

Presentation of Plan & Final Edits

In a final meeting, ME will present the Marketing Report, highlighting the summary of statistics, items of note, quick fixes & easy improvements.  We will also lay out the Annual plan options, discussing the potential differences in ROI and budget, and answer any questions you might have.

Based on the feedback, we will then make any final edits to the Report, Plan, and Calendar, and provide final versions for you and your team to work from for the coming year.

still Your Business..but online

3. Digital Marketing Review & Plan Creation 

Current State of Affairs & Looking Ahead

We’ll start by reviewing your digital marketing activities and active concerns.  Then, we’ll dive into your target market, industries, and who you’re wanting to attract online. 

We can easily increase your traffic, but let’s make sure we’re getting you the right traffic! We focus at that ROI number in everything we do and quality always wins over quantity.

Clarify Competition - On & Offline

We’ll look at who you’re competition is, both locally and online (since the world is at our fingertips – cliche but true).  Through detailed discussion, we’ll clarify your differentiators in service offerings, products, values, and most importantly online: messaging.

Goal Setting & Team Alignment

We’ll review your current Sales goals and structure.  This will help ensure that any online campaigns & plans we make will be  aligned with your staffing so the flow from lead to prospect to opportunity is as smooth (and fast) as possible.  When you’re working this hard to get the target, we don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks!

We’ll also review your digital expectations for results & time, and what’s reasonable for both.  For example, we don’t want to create a plan for you that involves lots of social media if you don’t have anyone with time to post things.  Let’s create a plan that will actually work with your team and your needs.

Digital Marketing Review

With all of the information from our discussions and access to your website management system, Google Analytics, social media accounts, and any online tools you use to manage these items, a deep dive review will be done into all things digital.  This will include your website layout, traffic analytics, SEO results, and a competition review to see how you compare.


Social Media Review

Our team will do a deep dive into your social media activities to see what could be improved for better interaction and impact.  We’ll also review your competition’s social media to see how your messaging could be tweaked to stand out, differentiate yourself, or simply, what you’re up against.  

If you don’t have social media set up, or are not that active on it, we’ll do a review of your marketplace to see what you could gain from joining it.  We will not be the people to tell you “Everyone should be on Twitter” or “You need to post to LinkedIn every day” – that is definately not the case for every company! It comes down to your market, your target, and your team.  We’ll look at all of that and bring you a Summary of our findings.


Digital Report Presentation

A “Report Card” will be created for you with current statistics, items of note & suggestions on quick fixes, plus a 6-month Improvement Plan based on your goals. This will then be presented to your team in detail and reviewed for feedback. 

Final edits will be made before providing an Execution Plan & easy-to-follow Calendar for your team to work from and refer to over the coming months.

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Your Team

4. Director of Marketing Subscription 

Weekly Executive Guidance for Your Team

Even when you have the best plans in place, the execution of those plans can make all the difference.  Having a Director of Marketing is not something every company can afford or really needs on a full-time basis.  This is where we can help.

Our CEO will be your part-time Director of Marketing and manage the execution of the plans.  Through weekly Zoom meetings with your team, the plans will be broken down into actionable tasks and assigned appropriately to keep things on schedule.  Of course, we will be there throughout the week to help with quick questions as well!

Subscription Levels - Good/Better/Best

Depending on your team needs, there are three different levels available: Good, Better, and Best.  These range from having us keep things focused & moving, to providing more regular guidance & editing feedback, to working on team development & growth and creating Monthly Summary Reports for you to share with your team or partners.

Contact us for more details on the Subscription levels and to discuss what would work best with your team needs.

your team

5. Marketing Team Growth & Creation 

Business Overview

We’ll review your current state of affairs by discussing Sales goals for the next year by product (and why those are your goals), target industries, current competition, key differentiators, and any plans you may have – current or future.  We’ll also discuss what the company brand means to you and key values you associate with it, to make sure that your new or expanded Marketing team embodies them!

Marketing Review

We will review all past Marketing activities, whether that list is short or long, and any statistics you may have on them.  If you don’t have much, that’s ok! We’ll discuss them instead of measure them to determine what went well and what could have been better.  From there we’ll also discuss any current or future plans you may have in mind.  Finally, we’ll talk about the really fun part – the wish list.  Alllll the ideas, things you maybe hoped to do, random thoughts, or things you’ve heard you should do.  This will help us figure out the skill set of the ideal person to join your team, so that you’re new Marketing Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, Director of Marketing, or entire Marketing team is ideal for your specific needs.

Job Specifics & Official Description

We’ll start by discussing your current staffing & team responsibilities and layout.  Then we’ll dive into the nitty gritty specifics of the job or team responsibilities you want to hire for.  We’ll discuss the wish list of responsibilities and job description(s), as well as discuss your budget for compensation and create the job description for posting.

Posting Job Description & Screening Applicants

In all the other descriptions, “we” meant Magnusson Enterprises and your company working together.  This is where that shifts to “we” as in Magnusson Enterprises – and “you” get to relax.  The job will posted on appropriate listing sites, we will review the applications, and conduct 10-minute phone interviews with the top 20 candidates to ensure they have the unique marketing skills & experience that your company needs.  We will then narrow that down and notify the top 5 applications, requesting them to complete a writing assignment – industry & tone appropriate.  We will then review the writing assignments to see who will fit with your needs and who maybe missed the boat, and then conduct first round video interviews with the top 3 candidates to ensure they’re as good as we hope.  Then, “we” will bring “you” back in!

Together, we will all review the top 3 candidates and choose 2 to conduct joint video interviews with.  Before the interview, we’ll coach you on questions to ask to determine any other marketing specific information we want to clarify, as well as questions to ensure the candidates align with your company, team & brand values.

Finally, we’ll provide support for preparing the final offer and any negotiation needed.

Joint Onboarding

We will join your onboarding sessions to help review marketing expectations and responsibilities with the new team member in detail.  We will also help provide a detailed overview of company information, from a marketing perspective, so that they have the info they need to be successful from the get-go.


Recommended: Team Collaboration

While this isn’t a mandatory part of this package, it is highly recommended.  We will host a meeting with both your Sales & new (either brand new or newly expanded) Marketing team in order to set everyone up for full collaboration.  Everyone will introduce themselves with their backgrounds so that we all know the amazing skill set we’re working with, then we’ll review two wish lists.  First, the wish list that Sales has for Marketing and second, the wish list that Marketing has for Sales.  We’ll discuss how these are actually complimentary, in order to ensure the teams are set up to work well together and not fall into the blame game or competition.  Once we have a clear strategy for working together as two parts of the same coin, we’ll set clear expectations for going forward.

Follow Up

Whether we do the Team Collaboration session or not, we will wrap up the hiring process by doing a comprehensive follow up 4-6 weeks after the new employee(s) start date.  We’ll start by meeting with the direct Supervisor of the new team member(s) or CEO, whichever you prefer, to discuss how things have been going, and then we’ll meet with the new team member(s).  We’ll review how things are going from a marketing perspective, answer any questions they might have and feel out what questions they need answered from within the company but maybe don’t feel comfortable broaching yet.  We’ll then circle back with the direct supervisor or CEO and discuss any adjustments that we recommend to ensure the success of the team as a whole and individually.

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Your content

6. Blog Subscription

Blogging Made Easy

Depending on the frequency we decide would work best to achieve your marketing targets, we will provide blog-writing services on a set frequency.  If you want, we’ll send topic ideas to you for you to choose from, or we’ll provide our recommendations on what topics & keywords would best support your SEO & digital marketing strategy.



Not only will we provide ready-to-publish blogs with hyperlinks & references to enhance your website traffic, we’ll also provide social media posts & captions for easy sharing on all your other platforms.  All you do is copy & paste – easy peasy.

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